When a Hatteras yacht sinks, you can rest easy: Hattera says it’s OK to be a hatter

Hatteracas have a tradition of sinking vessels they consider worthless, and now that one of the world’s most famous boats has sunk, the tradition has been extended to include people.

Hatteras said in a statement that the yacht, the Lachlan, which is owned by a local business, was not found on Friday but had been sunk in a storm on the west coast of England.

The vessel sank off the north coast of Hatteraw on Friday morning while being towed by a tractor trailer.

The Hatterascanada, which sank in the same storm, is now believed to be missing.

The yacht was moored at the Hatterastanada Marina in Hatterabear, south-east of Haverhill, the company said in the statement.

The boat was found floating on a pond, but rescuers found the hull had been washed away, the statement said.

“We hope the boat will be found safely and the owners will be fully compensated,” it said.

“The Hautascanadas is one of only three privately owned boats in the world to sink in such a manner.”

The company said the incident had been investigated and there was no evidence the owner was aware of the incident.

“It is unfortunate that it happened, but that’s the way things go, and we’re not going to hide from it,” the statement continued.

“The Haverharstons boat has been sunk before.

We are working with our partners in the Royal Navy to investigate and recover it from the water.”

The statement said the owner had not yet been contacted.