How to find an affordable private yacht for sale

Here’s a list of the best private yachts for sale online.

They’re all very affordable and offer the best perks.

This list is not intended to be comprehensive.

Private yachting is a big trend in the US, but we’re not here to list the top ones, just to give you some ideas of what you might find if you’re looking to book your next private vacation.


Galati yacht sale with 2 people: $20,800 per person, including charter Mediterranean, 2-night, $22,000 per person sail yacht The Galati is a private yacht that sails for $19,000 a night with a 2-person cabin.

The Galati was built in 1892 and the boat has been a popular charter boat since its inception.

This year, the ship sold for $22 million.


Yacht charter Medusa: $28,400 per person with a private cabin, including two private bedrooms, and two bathrooms on deck The Medusa is a sailboat that has been cruising for years, but it’s only been on the market for a year.

It’s a very popular boat with many people looking to buy one and it’s one of the cheapest private boats available for sale.


Galato yachty with 1 person and 2 adults: $25,800-35,400 This yacht features a 2 bedroom cabin with a single queen and two adults on deck, with two private bathrooms.

The price is slightly less than a private cruise, but the private cabin and bathrooms are also included in the deal.


Yachty on the Hudson with 3 people: $33,000-42,000 The Yacht on the Jersey is a yacht that was built by the Hudson River yachties company and is a popular boat for both vacationers and charter cruisers.

With a price tag of $35,000 to $42, 000 per person on board, it’s a great option for anyone looking for a private charter boat.


Hudson River yacht sale with 3 adults:  $43,000-$59,000 This yacht is owned by the same company that owns the yacht on the Manhattan.

The Yacht is a boat that was designed to be the perfect vacation boat for adults, but also has a private boat suite for adults on board.


Gala yachter with 1 adult and 3 adults, 3 private bedrooms:  $48,000 and up, including cabin, 2 bathrooms, and private cabins The gala yacht has a very large cabin and has three bedrooms, with a small private bathroom, for guests on board at $55,000.


Vintage yacht: Cocktail yacht with 1 guest and 3 guests: ~$60,000~ This yacht has one of those luxurious private cabanas with two bedrooms on deck that will be perfect for couples or couples of 3 to 6 people.


Cabo d’Aguila yachters with 1 and 2 adult guests: $60,500-$70,000 with 1 private cabana, 2 private bathrooms, two private suites, 2 suites with private bathrooms: +$20,000+ This yacht is a true private luxury yacht that has 3 private cabinas, 2 master suites, and a private pool.

It’s the perfect choice for the wealthy and has a high-end lifestyle.


Private yacht for rent: Private yacht, 1-person cabana: $40,000 (includes private pool and private bathrooms) This is a very affordable private charter yacht that’s ideal for people who want a smaller private cabin with plenty of space to sit and relax on deck.


Private yacht for rent with 2 guests: ~$60,-000~ This is one of our favorite private yacht charter options for people looking for something a little more upscale than a typical charter boat, or for those who just want to have their own private cabin. 


Private Yacht for Rent with 3+ adults: ~~$80,000 (~$140,000 for the 2-man cabin) This private yacht has three 2-bedroom cabins with two of them having private bathrooms for guests.


Private charter yacht: ~50,000 ~$130,000A small private yacht with two 2-room cabins on deck with private bathroom and private bathroom suites. 

A bit pricier than the other private charter yachies on this list, but is a great choice if you want to travel for a few days and enjoy some private time in your own private yacht.


Private cruise yacht: $130,00~This private charter charter yacht has 1 private cabin on board for two guests.

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