How to become a Legoland owner and join the Legoland Club

A group of Canadian Lego enthusiasts has set up an online petition to help raise money for the family of a missing lego boy who went missing on his birthday last week.

The petition has attracted more than 5,000 signatures and asks that Legoland Canada help find the boy, whose family has not been told where he is.

The boy is about three years old, and was last seen at the Legos shop in the U.S. city of Orlando, Fla., at about 6:15 p.m.

ET on Sunday.

The family has no idea where he’s been or what happened to him, the family says in the petition.

The child was wearing a green dress with a green bow tie and blue shoes.

He was last heard from by his mother, according to the petition, which also asks for his parents’ help to find him.

“He is a great Lego and family member, and we’re desperate for information about his whereabouts,” the petition reads.

“He was very quiet and didn’t seem to be very stressed out.”

The petition says the boy has autism spectrum disorder and is described as a bright, bright boy.

It also asks that the boy be kept in the care of his parents and siblings.

The Canadian family, who have not spoken publicly about the missing boy, has set an online fundraising page to raise $4,000 for him.

It asks that people contact them at any time to donate.