Bezos yacht rental mglm is in Florida

Bezos, the private equity firm founded by billionaire investor Warren Buffett, is considering renting out a fleet of luxury yachts to locals.MGM has also been looking at leasing luxury yaches to residents of Miami and Florida, with the aim of attracting investors to the area.

However, it’s not yet clear if Bezos will lease the boats outright, or lease them to private operators who will manage the operation.MGA spokesman David Leong said the firm is currently reviewing a proposal from the local Yacht Club for the use of a yacht, which is scheduled to go up for auction at the end of April.

Mga has been in talks with Miami-Dade County and Tampa-St Petersburg to rent out the vessels, Leong added.

The company is currently working with the local yacht club to ensure it has the necessary permits and security arrangements, he said.