Why the Shaq is so hot

A new electric yacht from Shaq New York, the Shaquille “SIRiusxM”, is the latest in a line of premium yacht offerings from the American billionaire.

The yacht has been built by Shaq and is the third-highest rated yacht on the USS List, according to USS Rankings.

“Sire Shaquelle, thank you so much for your kind words and for taking the time to meet us,” Shaq wrote on the website of the Shaqs New York-based boat builder.

“Your passion for boats and adventure in life are very contagious.

I look forward to sailing with you and seeing you around the world in future.”

Mr Shaq also launched the Shaqua Sire Sire, an ultra-light luxury yacht in 2015.

The vessel was designed by renowned yacht designer Nicky Hilton and is based in Newport, UK.

The luxury yacht was built by a Japanese design firm.

In 2016, Mr Shaquette also launched his second luxury yacht, the Shangri-La Sire.

The Shangri La Sire is the most expensive yacht on a USS list.

“Shaquille was inspired by a number of different sources including his love of sailing, and his love for adventure,” the website reads.

“The two combined to create a yacht that is the perfect balance of comfort and luxury.”

Mr Shq also has a fleet of luxury yachts in the works, including the Shangrai Sire that will join the company’s lineup.

The new yacht was originally built by the Shaq family.

“I had an amazing time designing and building the Shangramas Sire,” Mr Shaque said.

“It’s the perfect combination of size, versatility and comfort.”