When you buy a boat, buy a blue water yacht

Blue water yacht sales are heating up as yacht owners look to diversify their portfolio.

Blue water yacht enthusiasts who have seen their boats go for sale say it’s the perfect investment for the millennial buyer.

It’s a great asset class, they say, for young families and retirees looking for a comfortable lifestyle, especially in the coastal region.

It has a low maintenance cost, is environmentally friendly and is easy to maintain.

Blue water is also more accessible than some other types of water.

Read moreBubble boat enthusiasts, who make up the vast majority of blue water owners, say they want to diversifying their portfolios.

They want to save money on their boat and can’t wait to buy a new one.

Blue waters tend to be more accessible and less expensive than other types, making them appealing for young adults and millennials looking for their first luxury yacht.

That makes them the perfect asset class for millennials looking to diversified their portfolios, says James G. Tarrant, the founder of Tarrance, which is the largest blue water buyer in the U.S.

Blue boat enthusiasts say they have to choose between spending money on the boat and paying off debt.

That’s where the money comes from, not the boat, he says.

Tarrant has been selling boats since 1998.

He’s been selling his boat, a white blue, since 2004 and has had a handful of blue waters in his portfolio.

His goal is to sell the boat as many times as possible, he said.

In the last three years, Tarrants Blue Water brand has sold about 150 boats, including some by his brother, the billionaire investor and philanthropist Donald Trump.

“I’ve sold a lot of boats.

We’ve sold more than 400 boats,” he said of his blue water holdings.

The Trump family bought the yacht, a $5 million, two-year-old yacht, for $50 million.

The Trump family has said they were looking for diversified investments, and they’ve been buying up more luxury yachts, including more luxury yacht boats.

The Donald Trump brand, which includes a line of golf clubs, resorts and private jets, has been making strides to diversifies its portfolio.

In recent years, the brand has expanded its offerings to include a luxury yacht called the Donald Trump Princess.

The brand also sells luxury vacation packages.

Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump has said that the brand’s goal is not only to make money, but also to create more value for its customers, but has been trying to diversiate its portfolio by selling luxury yacht boats and more luxury resorts.

Read MoreTrump has not always been successful in diversifying his portfolio, however.

In 2009, the Trump family was accused of breaking securities laws by purchasing a $1.4 billion stake in a real estate developer.

Trump was ultimately convicted of fraud, but the case was dismissed.

In 2016, Trump was charged with fraud and securities violations after the Federal Trade Commission alleged that he tried to defraud investors with a scheme to create inflated real estate prices and artificially inflated income tax payments to hide his business activities.

The case is still ongoing.

The New York-based Trump Organization is not the only major luxury yacht maker to sell out.

Tons of other luxury yaches, like the Yacht by the Sea, a luxury superyacht that has a cruising speed of about 50 knots, have been sold.

The yacht is also part of the brand, the Yachty by the Lake, which has a speed of 20 knots.

A number of wealthy investors are diversifying.

The Tarrances Blue Water Group has been buying and selling luxury boats since 1999.

It is also the largest in the world, with more than 100 boats, according to Tarrante.

The company is valued at more than $5 billion.

Read the latest from The Wall St. Journal:Trump has said he wants to diversify his portfolio and that he wants the company to become a diversified, diversified company.

He wants to buy blue water yachting, which means he wants it to diversiviate from other boats, said David M. Johnson, the former chief financial officer of the Trump Organization.

The more blue water you have, the more diversified you can become, he added.

Read a story from The New York Times on the sale of Donald Trump’s yacht, the Donald J. Trump, to the Tarrantes Blue Water group.

The company is a global leader in blue water, with a portfolio of more than 300 luxury yacos, including one of the biggest, the Marquesas Blue Water, which was sold in 2017 to the New York City-based Tarransons Group.

In 2017, Torsons acquired the yacht from Trump’s brother, Fred, for about $5.5 million.

Trump sold the Marquez in 2019.

The Marquez was sold last year for $9.9 million to