Sunreef: $1,100,000 yacht charter on the horizon?

The Sunreeff yachting charter company announced on Monday that it is launching an ocean-themed yacht charter service.

The service, which will begin at $1.1 million for a seven-day charter, will allow guests to travel to destinations around the world and is designed for those who are looking to explore the oceans for the first time.

“This is our first venture into the ocean world and we are honored to be able to offer this unique adventure to the Sunreefs,” said Peter Kwan, Sunreefer’s founder and chief executive officer.

“We are thrilled to launch this new charter service with the intention of bringing together our guests and guests from all over the world to sail their boats to the ocean for the weekend.”

Sunreef is committed to providing the best possible service for our guests.

We will be open to suggestions from our guests, and we look forward to seeing what our guests think of our experience,” Kwan said.

It will be the first Sunreeford yacht charter to offer guests the opportunity to charter for just one day, rather than for all seven days.

Sunreeff will offer a variety of yacht charter options, including the Sunrayf, a six-day trip, and the Suneef X, a three-day voyage.

Kwan said the Sunraysf X will be an exclusive charter that will only be offered by Sunreefb.

The Sunrayfs X will allow up to four guests per yacht, with a maximum capacity of 60 guests.

Each Sunreefin vessel will be equipped with a fully equipped crew cabin with a double-sided kitchen and bar, a separate laundry room, a private pool, private bar, spa and private beach.

The ship will also include a bar with an outdoor patio.

Other Sunreefing vessels include the Sunrye, Sunry, Sunreff, Sunray, Sunrey, Sunret and Sunreey.

Sunreefe is a Dutch word meaning “snowy sea” or “wintry sea.”

Sunreefs and Sunref X are scheduled to depart from New York on Sunday, Oct. 23.

The service will be available on Oct. 25 through Oct. 27, and for additional details on the Sunrefs X, visit