Spencer Yachts founder’s bid to sell Annapolis yacht sold

Spencer Yacht Co. founder and CEO Scott H. Spencer has sold his $50 million Annapolis Yacht Club to an investor who will become the first private owner of a Virginia yacht.

Spencer and the company had been considering the sale for more than a year, according to the Annapolis Times, but ultimately decided it was time for the two parties to move forward.

The company said Spencer will now be the first privately owned Virginia-owned yacht to sail for a cruise.

The Annapolis-based company said the sale closes on April 7.

Spencer bought the yacht for $60 million in 2012, a deal that gave him control of the club’s chartering program and eventually led to its sale to an investment firm in 2014.

Annapolis’ Annapolis Marine, a private yacht club with a chartering capacity of 50,000 people, had also been on Spencer’s radar for several years.

But when he launched his company in 2011, the club was already at a critical juncture.

Annamarie’s charter-ship program had been struggling to fill seats and the club had to close the season with a $5 million budget shortfall.

The club said it had to cut its fleet of about 10 ships to save $2.5 million.

But as the club struggled to stay afloat, its charter-ships had become the target of criticism from critics who say it has not followed the chartering rules and practices outlined in the federal chartering law.

In January 2016, the company announced that it had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

The new owners would receive a $25 million advance from the bankruptcy auction.

The sale of the Annamaries charter club is a big deal for Spencer and Annapolis.

Spencer owns an Annapolis condo and has been a major investor in Annapolis businesses.

He was previously the owner of the Yacht Britannia in Annamariedown, Va., which he sold for $25.5 billion in 2013.

He also owns the $40 million Sea Hawk in Annadam, which he said he sold in 2014 for $10.9 million.

Annapolises marine charter-seats have been among the most popular and profitable chartering programs in the U.S., according to a 2015 study by the Atlantic Council of Business and Industry.

Spencer’s company is known for its fleet and a commitment to chartering the boats at low rates, which it believes is a way to attract high-quality, affordable guests to Annapolis, the Times reported.

Spencer was named one of Forbes’ 50 most influential people in 2016.

His company is based in Annandale, Va.

The yacht club said in a statement that it is grateful for the opportunity to acquire Spencer’s passion and experience for yacht management, as well as the opportunities his experience and knowledge can offer to the club and to the wider world.

The buyer will remain a member of the yacht club.

The Yacht Cruises Club of America, which operates a private charter-boat chartering service in Virginia, has been the private charter club for more years.

The owners of the new Virginia charter-tour boat have not yet been announced.