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By now you’ve probably heard of a new luxury yacht charter company called Yacht Life, which has raised $1 million in a crowdfunding campaign to expand its services.

But why the heck should you buy a yacht if it costs $5 million?

The Yacht life company’s founder, James Gavigan, told Ars that his company is offering the best possible prices for chartering luxury vessels in the Bay Area.

He’s currently selling his yacht, the Luxury Yacht, for $1.2 million and is looking for another vessel to charter.

While YachtLife is only a chartering company, Gavgan says he has a “very good relationship” with many Bay Area luxury yacht owners.

Gavigans yacht, which was built in 2004 and is named after his mother, is named for a yacht he used to sail around the Bay.

“I think the Luxure Yacht is a pretty unique boat,” Gavans mother, Marissa, told us.

“It’s a very unique vessel.”

It’s a boat that has a unique design and the interior of the boat is unique to her as well.

“There’s a lot of different options in terms of the materials and materials that are used,” Marissa said.

“And she’s really enjoying it.”

But not everyone enjoys owning a luxury yacht.

“We had a lot [of] really negative feedback,” Gavin said.

And not everyone was happy with the price of the Luxurys luxury yacht, Marisa said.

“We’re very proud of our boats and we have a very high level of safety,” Gavan said.

But not every yacht owner is a fan of the luxury yacht business.

Gavan also mentioned the Yacht chartering industry is “a lot of bullshit” and that his “business has always been to take the money.”

Gavigans family is a well-known name in the luxury boat industry and he’s seen the growth of the business grow over the past few years.

He said the business grew by 40% last year and he expects to see it increase that amount by 20% this year.

The Y-15, Gavin’s boat, is currently listed for sale on Ebay for $2.8 million.

Gavin plans to sell the Y-Yacht for a total of $4.8 Million.

Gave a tour of his yacht Gavagan says he plans to make a tour to tour the yacht before his business makes a final decision on the purchase.

“This is one of the biggest luxury yacht deals we’ve ever done,” Gave said.

The yacht, Gave says, “is one of my favorites.”

But the company will be going through a lengthy process of getting the yacht’s interior designed.

“Once we get the interior finished and it’s ready to go, it’ll go through a very rigorous and expensive process to get it to the highest standards,” Gaved said.

He says he will use the luxury yachts design and fabrication facility in the U.K. to help the yacht get through the “crucial” design and construction phases of the yacht.

It will take about six months to complete the yacht, according to Gave.

“If it’s a really good yacht, it will be ready for sale in about two months,” Gaver said.

Once Gavan’s yacht is finished, he will go on to sell his other luxury yacht for $6.5 million.

The boat’s exterior design is also unique.

The interior of Gavaga’s yacht, called the “Luxury Yachts Luxury Luxury” has a much more modern, minimalist design than the Luxuria yacht Gave is selling.

Gavians mother Marissa says her son has a lot in common with his mother.

“He is very close with my mother,” Marisa Gavige said.

“[He] is very much her son.

He is her grandson.”

Marissa Gaviga is also an expert in the yacht industry, and she has a long history with yacht owners who have purchased luxury yaches.

“My grandfather, his grandfather was a yacht owner,” Mari Gavagas father said.

Gava, however, does not share her father’s passion for luxury yacht ownership.

“They’re not my kind of boats, they’re not what I think of as luxury yacht,” Gava said.

It’s important to remember that the yacht Gava is selling is only one vessel in the Luxuries luxury yacht fleet.

Other vessels are named after family members, like Marissa’s brother, Mark.

GAvigan is also a close friend of his mother’s, but the luxury vessel business has become very lucrative for Gavags family.

“The money is great.

There’s a real amount of money going on in the business,” Gaven said.

There are other reasons why Gavaghan is looking to expand the luxury charter industry in