How to book a yacht for your next vacation: From the ocean to the sand

When Shay Sharq bought her yacht for $1.4 million at the end of May, it seemed like a bargain.

But, a few months later, she said, “I just started to think, I don’t know how I’m going to pay for this.

It’s going to be a disaster.”

Sharq, a 28-year-old mother of three from New York City, and her husband, James Sharq, are part of the largest family in Nassau County, New York, but it’s not their first time on the high seas.

In 2007, their boat was on the edge of the water and nearly capsized.

She said that her family was not allowed to leave the boat until it was rescued.

But Sharq says that while the Sharq family’s boat has a safety record, it’s a relatively low-profile vessel.

“It’s a very small boat,” she said.

“There are no life jackets, there’s no lifeboats on board.

It has nothing to protect you in case something happens to you.”

The family’s yacht is known as Shay Sharq and has a capacity of just four people.

Shay Sharqu and her family spent more than $2 million to purchase it in 2007 and the boat is now under their ownership.

Shays husband James Sharpays business is known for building luxury homes in the Bahamas, a tradition that began with his grandfather, Shay Sharqi Sharq.

James Sharqi and Shay Sharqs daughter, Shayya, live in the Sharqs home.

Sharq said that she’s been very fortunate to own a boat that has allowed her to have a better life.

“This boat is so much better than my previous boat,” Shay Sharqua said.

The Sharqs boat is one of many that are available to rent.

There are also more than a dozen private yachts on the market, and Sharq believes that the only way she can pay for her yacht is by selling it.

“I don’t have a problem with renting,” she added.

“I’ve done it in the past, and it’s always a good experience.”

The couple is hoping to get the Sharqu family back on the water.

The couple says that they will be doing everything they can to help the Sharps return to the water as soon as possible.

They will also have the boat towed to a place where they can make arrangements to have it refitted and repaired.

They said that they would be “pouring every ounce of energy” to get them back on board and that Shay Sharpay is “doing everything she can” to make sure that the Sharxys will be able to get back to the ocean.

In April, Shay said that the couple had decided that they were going to try to sell the yacht and hoped to buy it soon.

The Sharqs have owned the boat since 2007 and it has a history of being damaged, but they have been able to salvage the boat and are planning to rebuild it, ShaySharq said.

However, Shays family said that it’s unlikely that the family will ever be able return to Nassau, especially if the Sharzys want to rent out the boat.

“This is a big deal to us,” ShaySharqu said.