How the world’s top yachts will be named in 2018

The world’s best and brightest are set to gather in Venice for a prestigious ceremony on Wednesday that will be remembered as the most important in the world of sailing.

The world-famous yacht race, held every five years, is the only competition of its kind and draws more than 150,000 participants from around the world.

The winner is crowned the grandest of the worlds grandest yachties.

The grand prize, worth up to $150 million, goes to the winner, and the winner’s boat is declared the world-best yacht.

In 2018, the event will be held in a brand new grand pavilion, a design that will give the sailing world a look into the future.

The pavilion is a huge space that will include the grand hall and the yacht club’s meeting room, and it is a design with a grand theme.

The building, which will be known as the Venice Pavilion, is located in a renovated old factory on the edge of the city.

The old factory, which used to make bicycles, is now home to a new museum and a hotel.

The yacht club has called it the world headquarters of the grand yacht race.

The winning yacht, which is being named for the former Italian Grand Prix winner, Eugenia Diamantini, is named after the yacht race’s first winner, Giovanni Diamante.

Eugenie Diamanti is the first female grand yacht racer.

“I would like to thank the club, the race, the fans, all the sponsors and all the supporters who have supported me in this race and in the years ahead,” Eugeniam Diamanto, Eugentia’s daughter, told The Associated Press.

“They are the reason I am here today and the reason that I am the person that I have become.

I can thank them for that.”

The yacht race is a prestigious event, with the winner taking home a grand prize of about $150,000.

The winners receive a lavish ceremony, and they are presented with medals and a trophy.

The event, which has become a huge draw for fans of the sport and the world at large, has become such a huge success that it is now being broadcast in the United States.

Eugeny Diamantis and her father, Eugenic Diamanni, both from the Sardinian city of Tuscany, won the 2015 Grand Prix.

The race took place in Venice.

“We are delighted to announce the grand prize winner for the 2017 Grand Prix of the Italian Grand Race Eugenias victory in the 15th edition of the Grand Prix at the beautiful Venice Pavilion,” said Marco Bertocchini, vice president of the Venice Commission, the governing body for the race.

“Our goal is to give the Italian public and all of Italy’s athletes the best possible chance of reaching their goals of becoming the greatest yacht racing in the history of the race.”

Eugeniae Diamani, Eugens mother, has long been involved in sailing, having competed at the prestigious Marchesa race in Italy, a race that also includes the world championships.

Eugeniia Dii, Eugenei Diamanci’s daughter and Eugeniana Diamants sister, won silver at the race in 2016.

The pair also took home bronze in 2017.

“My father is a great person,” Eugeni Diamanyi told the AP.

“He was a sailor for 40 years and he always did the best for his country and the Italian people.

He has been a great leader for the people of Italy and for the sport.”

Eugeny, who has since moved to the United Kingdom, has been training for the Grand Masters race since 2014.

She has won medals at the Grand Grand Masters races, and she is a contender for the Italian record of fastest female sailor.

Eugena Diamannici is one of the most successful women in the sport.

Her sister, Eugeni, is also the world record holder for the world women’s open water kayaking championships.

She also won the 2016 world title for the U.S. women’s sailing team.

She won gold at the world junior championships, a major sailing event.

Eugeneia Diii, the granddaughter of Eugenius, is an international athlete who has been involved with the sport for more than 20 years.

She was one of 10 women who took part in the opening ceremony at the World Cup of Women’s Cycling in Beijing in 2017, and is one the only female athletes to have won a gold medal at the London Olympics.

“In this race, we all come together in a moment of unity and together we are one,” Eugenicia Diannici said in a statement.

“Together we will win our destiny.”

The new pavilion was designed by British architecture firm Dutton, and has been designed by the designer Paul Dutton and his wife, Ann, who are both Italian.

The design was completed