How big are you?

You may have heard that the world’s biggest yacht, the 50-meter-long Kilimanjaro, is now owned by the Lauderdale yacht Club.

Now, the club has released a video to promote its partnership with Kilimangaros owners, the Lauderdales, to create a larger, more luxurious yacht.

“I want to tell you this is something that is not going to be a fluke, this is a big deal,” said club president Kenny Chesney.

“This is a dream come true.”

Lauderdale has been working closely with Kilmanjarao owner Kipo Mankatangdi for decades, and he recently purchased the yacht.

He is a former owner of the iconic British yacht St. Andrew’s, and it was rumored that Mankati would soon be selling his stake in the yacht club to the U.K. This new partnership could mean a huge windfall for Lauderdale.

The club is now planning to launch a special event in the next few months to commemorate the occasion.

The yacht club will have a booth at the event with a special VIP package.

The party will be held at a private yacht club in the Bahamas.

The event will be free and open to the public, and the club hopes that people will come along.

It is estimated that the Kilimanjaraos will earn $20 million in their lifetime, and they will need a massive chunk of money to build a bigger yacht.

The Kilimanjeras are a small family-run business.

The family-owned company is the only official sponsor of the Kilmanjaro yacht club, which has been around since 1972.

Mankati is an avid golfer and golfer’s friend.

He lives in the Caribbean and has visited Kilimanjadas three times a year.

He said he has a dream of building the biggest yacht in the world.

He wants to be the first person to do it.

Manksi said he is proud to be part of the Lauderada family and would like to share this special day with his friends and family.