Dan Snyder’s yacht Rock, which won the yacht race for the fifth time, has been sold

Dan Snryder, the owner of yacht Rock and a co-founder of yacht rock outfit Dan Snyer’s, said on Thursday that the yacht Rock has been purchased by an entity with whom he has been involved for a few years.

The yacht Rock is being sold to a buyer with whom Snyver has been in contact, Snyer said.

The purchase of Rock comes amid the ongoing crisis for yacht rock industry and the need to repair damaged boats, the former New York City Mayor said in a statement.

“Dan Snyner’s Rock is the only yacht in the world that can truly be called a rock yacht,” Snyer wrote in a news release.

“I have always believed that Rock was built with Rock’s name in mind.

The Rock, named after a late rock star, has won a record-tying seven races in the Atlantic since 2011. “

My goal is to build Rock into a rock-themed destination for generations to come.”

The Rock, named after a late rock star, has won a record-tying seven races in the Atlantic since 2011.

Snyter said that Rock has won every race since 2011, and that his son has also won a boat race in 2015.

The Rock, whose current owner is a group of investors, has earned more than $2 million in revenue since its founding in 2006.

The yacht Rock’s current owner, Dan Snysner, was among those who spoke at a recent fundraiser for the American Institute of Architects in New York.

Dan Snyer is one of the biggest names in yacht rock.

The son of a New York real estate developer, he founded yacht rock group Dan SnYder in 2011.

The group has won the prestigious American Institute for Aesthetics, an organization of architecture, planning and urban design students.

In 2015, SnyDER and Snyer launched a fundraising effort to rebuild the boat, which has been on the water since 2012.

The effort failed to raise any money, and the Rock is currently in a maintenance and repair phase.

The current owner of the yacht, the group that originally built it, has not yet announced plans for repairs.

Last year, the yacht was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The listing stated that the Rock “is a true masterpiece of modern design, engineering, and design philosophy,” which “will be admired by all who visit its shores.”

Dan’s son, Nick Snyman, also runs yacht rock venture, Dan’s Boat Tours, and is a board member of the Rock Foundation.