Catamaran is getting a new, modern look

Catamarans owner Catan Aquarius is gearing up for a new look with a new black yacht, the Catamaria, that will be outfitted with a full range of technologies that will make it the most luxurious yacht in the world.

According to Aquarius, the yacht will feature the latest in advanced technology, including a new power system that will allow the yacht to stay on its highest peak for up to 50 days per year.

The yacht will also feature the ability to use water pressure to reduce water pressure as well as a new technology called a “hyperlapse,” which Aquarius claims will increase water speed.

Catamaria will also be the first yacht owned by Aquarius to have its water level fully controlled.

This will enable the yacht’s engineers to tailor the yacht for each specific environment.

The Aquarius yacht is one of the most expensive vessels in the yacht world and is one part of a growing fleet of luxury boats that includes the $2.7 billion Aquarius V, the $4.6 billion Aquarian, and the $5.5 billion Catamaro, which will go into service in 2019.

Catamars owner Aquarius was recently named a “World’s Most Powerful Man” by Forbes magazine and is also a “Founder of the New Age” and “Spiritual Guru.”

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