Why is this motor yacht ‘lucky’ with just one man?

Posted May 06, 2018 05:27:16 While the hull is full of life, the motor yacht Marlow Yachts has a very lucky owner.

It has only one man aboard.

The boat has been in the water since March.

He’s not only a regular on the boat but a member of the crew as well.

“We have a lot of guests coming to the yacht,” said Kristin Kastner.

She’s one of the owners.

“So, that’s one thing I like about our boat is that we have a really big crew.”

The owner of the Marlow, a former tugboat, is Kristin, a retired truck driver and mom to three children.

“She’s so happy.

She was just doing something different on the day she got on the motor, she was just hanging out, she’s very relaxed,” said Kastne.

“And then she got sick and then she was sick for a while, so we had to take her off the boat,” said Kristen.

“Then, we had the whole situation where she had a heart attack, so she was taken to a hospital,” said the owner of Marlow.

The yacht was bought by a retired businessman, Kristin’s husband, Joe.

She said Joe wanted to get a motor yacht.

“When she was first brought in, we weren’t sure what it would be,” said Joe.

“It was so nice to have a motor boat, I was just looking forward to it,” said Kris.

“I had never seen a motor sailboat before,” said Chris.

“They’re very fast, so it was really nice,” said Lisa.

The owners plan to have more motor boats in the future.

“The Marlow is really special to me because she’s one half of the two owners and we were able to make a really special relationship,” said Marlow owner Kristin.

The owner says they have a great relationship with the people on the marina.

“You can actually see her, you can see the crew, you’re able to see how they’re working,” said Kimberly.

The motor yacht was on its way to Europe for a cruise, but now it’s heading back to Canada.

The Marlow will be back in Halifax this summer.

The company is in the process of buying another motor yacht, a two-meter-long vessel, and plans to do more sailing.

The motors are designed for offshore sailing, but it’s not clear when they will be on the water.

“For the motor boats, they’re really well designed, they look really cool, they don’t have that big of a hull,” said Kim.

“In fact, the biggest problem I had with the motor boat is when they had to put in a new generator, they had problems because the motor ran on its own power,” said Karen.

“That was the problem with the engine, it was the main problem with our motor boat,” added Kris.

The Motor Yachting Owners Association is asking for donations to help pay for the motor sailboats.

Donations can be made to the Motor Yacht Owners Association, The Motor Boat Foundation, the Rotary Club of Nova Scotia, or the Nova Scotia Maritime Museum.