What the world’s top divers know about the world famous octopus boat

A billion dollar underwater explorer and a billion dollar yacht have both been spotted off the coast of New Zealand.

A yacht named the “Drum & Bass” was spotted last night, according to the New Zealand Herald.

It’s been dubbed the world´s most expensive yacht.

The owner of the Drum & Bass, Dan Snyder, is an avid diver who has also run a diving business called Dive Deep.

According to the NZ Herald, Snyders father, a former captain of the US Navy, owns the boat.

He also owns a luxury yacht called the Oceanic Explorer, which has been dubbed “the most expensive of the bunch”.

It is thought to have been built in the 1980s.

“The boat is named after the late Dan Snyders father Dan Snypierd, a US Navy sailor who is known for his love of diving and for helping others with their diving needs,” said the New York Times.

Snyds father and his wife, Joanne, also own a private yacht, called The Sea Lion, which is also owned by their son.

The Oceanic explorer was reportedly built in 2012, and the Drum and Bass is the third yacht he has built in New Zealand, joining the Queen of the Sea and the Kermode.

“It’s a really interesting boat and I’m really happy that it is being used for diving and exploration,” said Snydders son, Dan.

The yacht has a capacity of 10,000 people, according the New Zealander.

The dive boat is also said to have a swimming pool and a deck.

The boat is thought a part of Snydeys private empire.

“We have a long history of using private boats and we’ve been using them for years,” said Dan.

“My father was a pilot, so he knew what he was getting into.”

According to Snyda, his father’s company owns the Oceanican Explorer, and he owns the Kerns Drum & bass.