The boat and the yacht club: The history of the yachting club in Cleveland

The Mangusta yacht club has a long history in Cleveland, but its fortunes have fluctuated in recent years.

Since 2010, the club has operated under the banner of the Cleveland Yacht Club Association, but in January, the association voted to drop the name and rebrand itself as the Cleveland Cleveland Yachting Club Association.

(Its membership now includes a number of different organizations, including the Cleveland Society for the Arts, the Cleveland Institute for the Performing Arts and the Cleveland Museum of Art.)

The Mangustas’ website describes itself as “a membership organization for people of all ages, cultures, beliefs and backgrounds.”

In a recent email to the Herald, the group’s executive director, Peter Mancuso, said the name change “is not an easy one.”

“There are many things that have gone wrong,” Mancoso wrote.

“The name is not in our DNA.

But our goal is to do right by the community.”

The club has seen several names change, including a name change from the Cleveland International Yacht Association to the Cleveland Boat Club in the mid-1990s.

In 2005, it was the Cleveland Foundation, the parent of the International Yachts and the American Yacht Institute, that put together the name.

In 2011, the Ohio Yacht Council was formed to provide charter service to the club.

But, Mancisos wrote, the change of name “was not a quick decision.”

“I think we all recognize that this is a brand that we are not as familiar with as other organizations,” he wrote.

“[The name change] was done in a very careful and deliberate manner.

It was an effort to be authentic and not just try to change the name to something we already have.”

Mancosos said he was concerned about the association’s finances, and he felt it was “unethical” for the organization to continue to operate under the name it had started out with.

“There was a time when we thought that we could keep the name of the club and the name for the club,” he said.

“I don’t think that is the best use of money, but I don’t know if there is a better use of the money.”

In an email, Mampuso said the association “has been a good source of income, especially for the women in the group.”

But the association has also faced financial difficulties, he said, and that is why he decided to drop it as a charter provider.

“It has been an unfortunate and unfortunate situation that we’ve had to deal with,” Mampos said.

The Mangusters are still in business.

Their website features pictures of their fleet, including an Italian-flagged ship that has since been sold.

But in recent months, the Mangusters have faced more financial problems.

Mancsos said the club’s financial problems started in 2016 when it lost money on a sale of its fleet to the U.S. Naval Academy.

The Mangusters, along with the Association of American Yachters, all filed for bankruptcy protection in 2016.

The club has since filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

In an interview with the Herald in March, Mampsos said there is nothing he can do to stop the Mangustains from continuing to operate as a yacht club.

“That is their decision,” he told the Herald.

“They can have their own yacht club or whatever they want to call it.”

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