The best yacht charter in the Mediterranean with Mediterranee Mediterranean

A mediterranean-style yacht charter with the Mediterranean resort of Mediterranae has cost nearly a million dollars.

Amederes owner, Alaa Alaa, told the Guardian newspaper in April that he was willing to pay up to $7,000 per month for the yacht charter.

The yacht charter, which can be booked online or in person, can be used for five months at a time and costs around $11,000.

A mediterranese yacht is the world’s smallest yacht, measuring about 50 meters (165 feet) long and weighing about 100 tons.

The Mediterraƫan resort offers luxurious accommodations for up to 30 guests, with restaurants, shops, a spa and a beach bar.

The owner said that he had already sold two other Yachts and planned to open a new one.

Alaa said that the Mederranese would offer a range of services including yacht chartering and sailing.

“We’ll provide everything from a house to a housekeeper, all the necessities,” he said.

“There’s a housekeeping, cleaning, catering.

The meals will be served by the boat.

There’s a doctor and a masseuse.”