The best Amazon weed shops in New York City

Best weed shops are located in the city’s West Village, but some of the citys finest growers are tucked away in Brooklyn.

Here are five of the best spots to buy weed in Brooklyn, all of which have been ranked.1.

Herb Chambers – Herb Chambers is one of Brooklyn’s most popular growers.

It’s one of the oldest, with an eclectic and diverse lineup of offerings.

Here’s what you need to know:2.

The Art of Planting: If you’re in the mood for a trip to the woods, Herb Chambers has the best outdoor experience for a whole weekend.

They’ve got outdoor cabins and a variety of camping options.3.

Cane & Son – This Brooklyn-based marijuana grower is known for its high-quality strains.

Its got a variety that can produce some of Brooklyns finest buds, and its a place to spend a day.4.

Belly Up: If it’s your first time in Brooklyn and you want to try some of their signature varieties, this is the spot.

They offer a variety and a wide selection of strains, including some you won’t find anywhere else.5. New Leaf – This spot is also known for it’s selection of organic produce and other organic products.

The location is just blocks from The Museum of Modern Art and its close proximity to a major park means it’s a great spot for a weekend out.

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