Mega yacht clothing sales jump 35% in 2017

In 2017, the average sales price of luxury yacht clothing jumped 35%, according to an analysis of data by luxury retailer Denison.

The increase in sales comes on the heels of a 15% increase in 2017 for luxury yacht sales and a 15.5% increase for luxury car sales, according to Denison data.

Denison says the rise in luxury yacht apparel sales comes in the wake of a wave of luxury fashion in recent years.

The company says the popularity of the brand has seen sales of luxury luxury yacht clothes jump 30% in the past year.

“This year’s increase in luxury boat clothing is a testament to the global appeal of the luxury brand, with the brand now being available for sale in over 50 countries and territories, including Australia, New Zealand, France, China, Italy, and the United Kingdom,” Denison CEO Michael McNeill said in a statement.

“The brand is also attracting new brands and new buyers, with sales up 50% year-on-year to the first six months of 2018.”

The company notes that luxury yacht owners can now purchase a range of luxurious yacht clothes including suit jackets, suit pants, jackets, dress shirts, tie-dye suits, and suits.

The luxury yacht brands, such as Moksha, the Moksa, and Mokosha, are also known for their luxurious lifestyle and quality of workmanship.

Denison said the luxury yacht brand has recently received attention from the likes of Calvin Klein, as well as Nike and Calvin Klein.

The company said the brands’ success was largely attributed to the “fast and steady rise of luxury brand sales in the luxury market.”

According to Denisons research, luxury yacht and luxury car companies accounted for less than 1% of luxury retail sales in 2017, compared to 5% in 2016.