‘I never saw the boat’ – Mercedes-Benz Mercedes yacht club owner’s story

A yacht club member who says he was part of the Mercedes-AMG team that lost the yacht to a shark has revealed that the boat’s owner was not the man he thought.

Shaq New York said that his yacht, the Mercedes AMG SSR, was stolen by two men on April 30 in a high-speed chase that was captured on video.

The Mercedes team member was on his way home from a business trip with his Mercedes-AmG SSRs’ crew when he was chased by two unknown men.

The men then left him behind, he said.

The two men returned and began to chase him again, Mr New York told the BBC.

“They followed me and I followed them, and that’s when the boat hit the water,” he said in an interview with Al Jazeera.

“I was on the boat with my crew, and the shark came in.

I didn’t see it.

The boat went down, and I just ran to safety.”

Shaq says the shark was not his boat’s captain.

“He did not know what the boat was.

He did not say it was his boat.

He didn’t even see it, I don’t know what his purpose was, but I was in a boat that had been stolen,” he added.”

The boat was his.”

The Mercedes-AMS team was on a fishing trip when the yacht was stolen.

The boat owner, who is from Florida, is still trying to find his missing yacht, Mr Nasr said.

“His family has contacted me and said, ‘I want to know what happened to your yacht.

Is it still there?'”

He said he had received calls from other people who had been on the vessel.

“If he’s still alive, I would like to hear his story.”‘

He was a good young man’Mr Nasr told the Associated Press news agency he had never seen the boat that was lost.

“This is not my boat.

I have never seen this boat,” he told the AP.”

A young man was on board.

He was a really good young guy, and he was a very strong young man.

He had a lot of friends on this boat.”

The man was identified as 24-year-old Omar Garcia-Lopez, who was found dead in a lake in Puerto Vallarta, the Associated the Los Angeles Times reports.

“What I want is to know the truth,” Mr Nasri told the Los Vegas Review Journal.

“My son and I are very devastated.

We were not involved in anything.”

The yacht’s captain is currently on the run, according to a Mercedes spokesman.