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By Marielle Fernandez-RiosAchtero, Associated PressAchters-Hochschild is the co-author of “Hate and the State of Women: The Struggle for Women’s Equality in America” and the author of “A Woman’s World: The Transformation of the United States into a Global Woman’s Paradise.”

She is a fellow at the Roosevelt Institute.

Her book, which has been named a bestseller by the American Prospect, is the sequel to her 2012 book, “Women, the State, and the Race.”

“There is an important, deep and growing gap between the way that women in America are treated by society and how women are treated in the rest of the world,” she said.

“That’s the problem that I’m looking at.

And I think that that is what the Trump administration is going to have to confront.”

She said that while women are the fastest-growing group of Americans, they are not treated equally.

She cited studies showing that women are more likely to be incarcerated than men and more likely than men to have been diagnosed with mental illness, but that the number of incarcerated women has grown more slowly than the number who are incarcerated men.

“There’s an important gap between women’s rights and the rights of men,” she explained.

“Women are the victims of this inequality.

We’re being denied our right to vote, denied our fair share of resources, denied the opportunity to have equal access to education, denied access to health care, denied equal access and representation in our government.

We are denied our voices, our voices are not heard in our country.”

She called on lawmakers to support the work of the Brennan Center for Justice, which studies women’s experiences of discrimination and harassment, and to take action to improve the lives of women.

She also noted that “women are the first in their families to go to college, but women who attend college earn less money than women who don’t.

That gap has grown so vast that women, and all women, are still living in poverty.”

Women are more than just breadwinners, she said, they’re also caregivers.