How to Find a Great Weekend in Newport Beach

Newport Beach, Calif.

— It’s no secret that many people dream of the weekend at Newport Beach’s iconic yacht club.

So many great things await you at the annual gala, which features a cocktail reception on Sunday and another cocktail reception the following day.

You’ll also find a large collection of beautiful beachfront houses and waterfront mansions on the weekend.

But do you know what makes Newport Beach a great weekend?

It’s called the yacht club weekend.

The weekend is traditionally held in July, when the season is short.

But there are a few special events during the year.

On Sunday, the Club celebrates its 50th anniversary.

This year, the event includes a sailboat parade, a music festival, a silent auction, and a concert by The Flaming Lips.

The concert is part of the annual Newport Beach International Film Festival.

And on Tuesday, the Newport Beach Board of Education celebrates its 40th anniversary with a concert featuring The Beach Boys.

And now, for a closer look at what to expect during the weekend of July 9, 2018.

What to Bring: The yacht club includes a collection of historic houses, mansions, and waterfronts, some of which were built by the likes of Walt Disney, Walt Disney World, and even The Walt Disney Studios.

If you are a member of the yacht or a member-of-the-club, you can rent a boat and have it sail out to Newport Beach.

If not, you will still be able to cruise Newport Beach in a yacht and have fun on the water.

Some of the most popular houses include: the Ritz-Carlton, the Bowery Ballroom, the Grand Hyatt Hotel, and the Grand Central Hotel.

There are also a number of other historic homes on the property.

For a full list of houses on the yacht, visit Newport Beach Mansion.

But you will need a ticket for admission, which is usually $5 for adults, $5.50 for children under 12, and $1 for seniors.

What To Expect at Newport: The Club hosts a number events during this weekend.

For example, on Sunday, there is a silent auctions on the beach.

There will also be a gala dinner for the children on Sunday.

The music festival will also take place at the Grand Plaza, with a variety of artists playing over the course of the day.

On Tuesday, there will be a concert at the Newport Jazz Festival, featuring acts like The Flame Outlaws, D’Angelo, and Big Freedia.

The evening is the time for the gala cocktail reception, where guests can enjoy a night of wine, food, and drinks.

And finally, there’s a party on Sunday night at the Rizzoli House, with entertainment and entertainment performances by local bands and entertainers.

This event is one of the few on the island that includes live entertainment on the main stage.

For more information on the Newport Carnival, visit

You can also visit the club’s website for a full listing of events.

You may want to reserve a spot at one of Newport’s many entertainment venues, including the Razzoli House and the Rizla House.