What’s next for the world’s biggest yacht?

A mega yacht, owned by a Japanese billionaire and named after his grandfather, is set to break the world record for the most times spent in one sitting.

The 5,000-metre yacht, named the Kaiju, was launched in June and was to sail to the US on June 11, the same day that it was inaugurated in Japan.

It is set for a four-day cruise that will leave Tokyo on June 12, but will take the Kaijus to Florida, Hawaii, New York and Australia.

The vessel has set a world record of 1,715 days since it was launched by Japan’s Yamazaki family in 2005.

“I hope it’s good for the business community in Japan,” Yosuke Yamazaki, the owner of the Kaijo, told Reuters news agency.

“It’s a unique opportunity.

The fact that we’ve got such a big vessel and it’s a very large yacht, that’s what gives us the opportunity to show Japan.”

The Kaiju is the fourth yacht to be launched from Japan.

In October 2014, the 5,300-metres (16,000ft) Yari, a Japanese yacht that also has a Japanese flag, sailed for its maiden voyage to Australia.