Norway’s arthur blank yachting crew of 8 sailers earn £15,000 each

The Norwegian crew of eight arthur hulls is on the lookout for a mate to join their ranks as they prepare to sail to Australia in 2019.

They are the latest to be selected from a pool of up to 40,000 potential candidates, which will be narrowed down to the most promising candidates.

Arthur blank boats are used for a range of different types of boatbuilding, ranging from racing yachters to yacht-stewardess boats.

The crew, which are all Norwegian, have been trained by Norwegian yachter owner Arnout Scholten.

A Norwegian-owned yachty company, Scholsten Yachts has recently expanded to the British Virgin Islands.

The company said the arthur boats would be used in a range a sailing competitions in the Caribbean and the US.

Scholsten said: ‘Arthur is an ideal yacht to be used by our crew, because we can use the arthurs hull to build a yacht in many different ways, including racing and yacht-stationing.’

He said the boats are all built on the same hull, and are constructed from aluminium alloy hulls.

The arthur crew is comprised of eight men, five women and three children.

The crew is currently completing a test sail from Stavanger, Norway, to New York.

The boats are being built in Norway’s Nordic area.

They will be towed by a yacht-maker called Triton, which is based in the US state of New York, and is also owned by the Norwegian company.

Triton said: We are delighted to be working with Arthur Blank for the next sailing competitions.’

The crew of the arths hulls have the highest quality and they will be ready to sail in 2019.’