New Zealand’s yacht club, Wellington yachters, to be closed by 2018

Wellington yaches will be shut down by the end of 2018, as the Government is to axe the club after years of decline.

Key points:The Wellington yacht club will be closed until 2021New Zealand’s largest yachting club has seen a decline in membership as a result of a lack of moneyThe club was founded in 1892, and was founded by Mr Robert MacGregor in 1913New Zealand will be the last country in the world to ban large yachty clubs, the Government has announcedThe Government has set a target of eliminating the New Zealand yachter clubs, with the club’s current membership at more than 100,000 and estimated to be around $1m.

“It’s a sad day for Wellington yackeys, especially in light of the Government’s decision to end Wellington’s yacht clubs,” Wellington yacht club founder Robert Macgregor said.

The club is in the midst of a two-year period of closure as the Wellington Government plans to slash the annual income of its clubs by 10 per cent.

Mr MacGregors father was a sailor in World War II and has been involved in the club since the 1950s.

Its annual membership was around $2.5m at the end.

New Zealand, which has more than 70,000 yacht clubs, was the first country to ban all large yacht clubs in the 1970s, after the death of Mr MacGregoris father, Mr MacGgregor.

His daughter, Laura, is currently the club president.

Mrs MacGregorie said it was important for Wellington to continue its yachted history and it was an important part of the community.

She said the club was a part of what the community was, and it would be very sad if the club closed.

It was a great family run club and we would miss it very much, she said.

“The club’s continued existence and its legacy was an asset to the community, and we will miss having it in our community.”

We will need a new venue in 2019 to maintain its current membership.

“The Government will cut the club $1.5 million over the next two years.

As a result, it will be unable to pay staff and fund the annual cost of running the club.

Ms MacGregori said the money would be used to continue the club to keep the club afloat.

‘It’s going to be very difficult to keep a club open’The Wellington yakking community is disappointed with the Government decision.”

It will be very, very difficult for us to keep it going, and I think it’s going have a devastating effect on the community,” she said