Miami’s Bella Vita Is Here to Play for You

Tom Brady’s yacht Bella Vita has arrived at Miami’s airport to join the ranks of a number of Miami-area charter boats.

The yacht is part of the Miami-Dade International Airport charter program and will depart from the Miami International Airport on Saturday.

Brady, a longtime supporter of the charter program, has donated $20 million to the Miami Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau, which manages the airport’s charter program.

The charter program has become an important component of the tourism economy for Miami, with the city ranking second to New York in the number of visitors, according to the American Chamber of Commerce.

The charter program is a way to provide the city’s economy with a boost without having to rely on expensive private jets or other long-haul aircraft.

Britton, a two-time Super Bowl champion, also donated a $10 million donation to the city in 2010.

He has said that the donation will be used to help make the city a world-class destination.

The boat’s owner, Bella Vitas Yachts of St. Petersburg, Florida, said it will travel in two phases.

One will be to take its maiden voyage to Miami and join the Miami Yacht Club’s charter fleet.

That is scheduled for Sept. 17.

The other phase will be for the boat to take to the Bahamas for a two month stay, before it can begin its charter service.