How Tom Brady’s yacht sales are going swimmingly: The story behind the sales

Tom Brady has a yacht, but he’s not selling it.

The Patriots quarterback, who bought the yacht on behalf of his wife, Gisele, in August, is selling it on for about $10 million.

The yacht, which was purchased for $1.2 million by the former New England Patriots owner in 2012, has been used by the quarterback on several trips and is on display at the team’s training facility in Foxborough.

But the sale is not a public listing, and Brady told ESPN on Thursday that he doesn’t plan to use the yacht for anything.

Instead, he plans to rent the yacht out for private events.

“It’s a private place,” Brady told the network.

“We don’t have any expectation of selling it, and I’m happy with the deal that we’re getting with Gisee and Giselet.”

The purchase of the yacht was a publicity stunt, but Brady’s sales pitch is that it will allow him to live comfortably in a New England community that he will call home for the rest of his life.

“My family and I are extremely grateful for the opportunity to live in Foxboro and to be able to enjoy the city in a way that we never have before,” Brady said in a statement.

“The yacht has provided a home for me and my family for the past four years, and we’re looking forward to having a family life on it once again in the coming months.”

Brady’s wife Giseele, who was a high school football coach in Connecticut, is also planning to use it to visit family members in Australia.

The sale is a big deal for Brady and his wife.

In addition to being able to live a comfortable lifestyle, Brady will get to keep the yacht, along with a $5 million check, which is expected to go to the charity of Brady’s choice.

“I’m not just making a big show of it, but it’s a real life thing for me to take care of,” Brady explained.

We’re going to enjoy this for the next four years.””

Gisele and I will have a great time.

We’re going to enjoy this for the next four years.”