How to spot a yacht that’s too good to be true

A yacht with a name like Nadine might not be worth the price tag, but it’s a name that has drawn the attention of yacht club members for years.

The yacht cost $14 million and was built by a French company.

It was sold in 2012 for $15 million to a private party, but was sold again for $16 million last month.

One of the owners is a woman from France who says she had to give up a lucrative career as a banker to take on the challenge of running a yacht.

“I have to leave my life to do this,” she said.

“Because there’s no other option.

I’m very fortunate.

I was lucky to have this opportunity.”

She has now sold the yacht for a whopping $18 million.

The first yacht, built in 2003, is still listed for sale.

But it wasn’t until a friend’s sister bought it for $11 million in 2013 that she decided to sell it.

“We didn’t see it as a luxury yacht,” Ms Gebbia said.

“[We] wanted to sell the yacht so we could move on with our lives.”

A couple who was planning to sail on the yacht said it was not for them.

“It was not a luxury for us,” they said.

The owner has a history of selling boats, but has never sold a yacht before.

She said she was able to sell her boat because it was under a contract for $7 million.

“The contract was for $3 million and I sold it at $7,” she told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“My first purchase of the yacht was $1 million, it was sold for $5 million and that’s the first yacht I sold.”

The boat was sold to a wealthy family in China, and is currently on display at the Marina Bay Sands, a luxury resort in Queensland.

Ms Gecbia said she thought she was selling the boat for a good price when she bought it.

“I had been working with a Chinese buyer for a while, so we agreed to buy the boat together for $1.5 million,” she explained.

“She didn’t pay me any money, so I sold the boat.”

She said she sold the vessel to the private party for $12 million.

Ms Gecia said she planned to sell other yachting vessels, but said she didn’t have the funds to do so.

She has been contacted by many yacht club directors in Australia who have asked her to sell a yacht of her own.

Yachting clubs in Australia have been receiving an increasing number of inquiries about a yacht named Nadine.

ABC Melbourne’s Natalie McGann has spoken to more than 100 yacht club owners and yacht club representatives in Australia, and they say they have received similar queries from yacht club enthusiasts who are looking for information about a boat that is not in the public domain.

A yacht called Nadine has been the subject of many inquiries about its location, price and condition.

Photo: Paul Jeffers Ms McGann said yacht club inquiries about Nadine were increasing in number and she was seeing inquiries from overseas about boats.

We have a couple of yachters in the Pacific who are saying, ‘Is it Nadine?’

We want to know more.

One of the club members, who asked to remain anonymous, said they were contacted by yacht club officials from around the world in recent months.

The yacht has been on the market for nearly four years, but Ms McGan said the club had not yet received a single inquiries about it.

“They’re interested in the boat because the boat is out of commission,” she recalled.

“There’s no money to pay for the boat, it’s not being used.

They’re going to go ahead and sell the boat and move on.”

The yacht has a long history of being a popular destination in the Queensland waters, but not all yacht clubs are welcoming the idea of owning a yacht owned by a Chinese billionaire.

Club member Kristy Hutton said she believed a yacht from China was a bad idea.

It would be a waste of time, energy, and money, she said, adding that the club was not looking to make a profit from the sale.

After the club bought the yacht, Ms McGant said she had not been told the boat was worth as much as she thought.

At one point, the yacht club had purchased the yacht in an auction for $6 million, but had been told it would be $15 to $16m.

Ms McGany said she would like to see more yacht clubs buy boats, and she wanted to see yacht clubs make the same determination.

“We’d love to see the yacht clubs do what they can to buy their own yacht,” she added.

Mr Jeffers said he was not sure the yacht would sell for more than $1m