How the new lonian yachting is changing the way we travel

lonian, an Italian brand of yachties, has become the first to offer luxury yachty packages with a fully integrated island packet.

The package, priced at €1,700 ($1,923), includes the luxurious yachter with a crew of two, including the captain, three chefs and three chefs’ assistants.

The island packet also comes with a full cabin suite and a fully equipped yacht for the yacht’s owner to enjoy a private, private island of their own, including a spa, a pool, a restaurant and even a tennis court.

The package was created by the lonian Yacht and Waterports Group and is now available for purchase.

The company, which has been in the business since 1999, launched its new lonic yacht with a price tag of €1.9 million in April.

The company launched a new Lonian yacht in April, and has since offered a range of packages with the new Lonic package, including luxury yacht, cabin suite, tennis court and a spa.