Greg Norman’s Ferrari is a beast, says Greg Norman

Greg Norman, the former Wales captain, is the only one who can call himself a legend in his own right.

He has the reputation for being an absolute legend.

He is, to quote a legend, the greatest.

He holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest Ferrari to go over 1000km, a feat which is held by only one other man.

In his last 10 years of driving, the legendary Norman has won 10 championships, two world titles and a number of other trophies.

He will be 82 next month and he is an absolute wreck of a man.

His Ferrari has become the talk of the town after he was pictured with a huge yellow Ferrari, with the slogan “Rio-Norman in white”.

But he has also become a symbol of a times change, as the former captain of the Welsh national team has recently announced he will retire from driving at the end of the year.

“It’s not a career for me.

It’s not an easy decision,” Norman said at the launch of his new book, Rio-Normans Ferrari.

“I will not be driving for the next decade.

But the truth is, I will not drive at the same level as the greatest drivers of my generation.

I will be an icon.”

Norman is not the only Wales player to have the Ferrari.

He was part of the Wales squad in the 1994 World Cup and has since become one of the greatest footballers in the world.

He scored the winning goal in a 2-1 win over Spain in the final of the 1994-95 tournament.

He won three European Cups with Wales and also captained the team that won the 1994 European Championship, a tournament that featured some of the finest players in world football.

But he was also part of a side that suffered a huge shock when they were beaten by Italy in the quarter-finals in the World Cup finals.

They lost 2-0 to the Italian champions and the squad’s confidence took a hit as they struggled to win a match.

In 1996, Wales finished in sixth place in the European Championship.

They were beaten in the semi-finals by the Soviet Union and then knocked out in the last 16 by a group of African nations.

Norman said the team was always prepared for failure and would never go into another World Cup with a bad result.

“We were always ready for failure,” he said.

“That’s how we came back.

I was so happy and so grateful. “

But it was the right decision for me and my family.

I was so happy and so grateful.

It was the end result of years of hard work and I was proud of the team for the last five years.”

He added that there was no reason why he should not win a fifth World Cup.

“What I love most is to see my boys do well in World Cups,” he added.

“The boys were not as well prepared in Africa as they should have been.

But we’re still the best team in the continent.

We still have to improve on the way we finished in the 2010 World Cup.”

Norman has been speaking at length with the BBC’s Sport Wales programme on BBC Radio Wales and has been a regular presence on social media.

He also has a book coming out in May and it is expected to be a book of great insight into the life and times of his career.