Costa Rica’s Costa Rica yacht charter fleet is back in the Caribbean

The Costa Rican fleet of luxury yachting charter boats that has been missing for the past two years has returned to the Caribbean, with a new fleet of boats set to sail next month, Costa Rica news agency ANA reported Sunday.

The Costa Rica fleet is comprised of about 100 yachters, with most of the vessels registered in the United States, according to the Costa Rica Department of Tourism and Culture.

The Costa Rica Ministry of Tourism said the fleet will sail from the island nation’s northern coast of Costa Rica to the island of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic.

The ministry said the Costa Rican vessels will sail to the Bahamas on May 1.

The fleet will then sail back to Costa Rica on May 22, the Costa Rico News Agency reported.

The new fleet will have around 1,200 passengers and crew, and will be made up of three yachter-class yachties, two of which are from Costa Rica, the other two from the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates, Costa Rican tourism agency Costa Rica International Yachts said in a statement.

The vessels were last seen in July 2016, when Costa Rica officials received a tip-off about the disappearance of one of the Costa Ricans fleet of yachty-class boats.

A search team was deployed to the region in September that year, but the Costa Rica government said in January that the boat was still missing.

Costa Rica was one of at least two countries that requested assistance from the U.S. in the search for the Costa rica yacht.