$8.2 million Aurora cruise ship sells for $8 million

The Aurora Cruise Ship sold for $2.8 million Wednesday, marking the biggest sale in Aurora’s history.

The ship, the largest cruise ship to ever sail in Aurora, sailed from Port Canaveral, Florida, and is now headed back to Florida to be refitted.

Aurora officials said in a statement the sale is the biggest one in the company’s history and is expected to bring in $4 million.

Aurora has been in financial trouble for years, but the ship’s sales will bring in cash that will help to pay down debt, they said.

It’s been a busy week for Aurora and the company has been working on its second sale.

Last week, the company sold its Aurora 2 cruise ship, which had previously been the largest ever.

It’s the second ship in the Aurora fleet to be sold.

The Aurora 2 was one of Aurora’s largest ships ever and was the first Aurora vessel to be built.

It was built to the Aurora 1 design.