$20M yacht to be named after Canadian hockey legend Steve Yzerman

This is the second yacht named after the Canadian hockey star Steve YZerman, as the Canadian Press reports a new yacht is on the drawing board.

The yacht is to be called The Yacht Yacht.

It will be built in Toronto, and will be sold off to a private owner.

The owner is planning to put the yacht up for sale, the Toronto Star reported on Monday.

The name of the yacht has not been revealed.

Yzeman’s name was featured on a $20 million yacht owned by the Canadian Navy during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

It is believed the boat was sold by the Yacht in 2011.

The Yachts Yacht, a $100 million yacht built in 2011, is one of two new yachties being considered for Yzemers honour.

The other yacht is a $75 million yacht called The Humble.

Both are slated to be built by private companies.

The Humbert is set to go into commission in 2020.