Why a yacht club in Eastport is getting out of its yacht racing deal

It has been more than a year since a yacht racing event took place at Eastport, in the eastern suburbs of Wellington.

The yacht racing club has been trying to move the event to Wellington but the state Government’s decision to cancel it was a blow to the club.

The club is one of three to be in negotiations with the state government about moving the event back to Eastport.

The others are the Wellington City Boat Club and the New Zealand Sports Association.

In June, the Government announced it was cancelling the club’s bid to move its events to Wellington from other areas of New Zealand.

The decision was made as part of an effort to modernise and modernise the sport.

The state government said the decision would not affect other events taking place at the Eastport waterfront, including the West Coast Surfers Championship.

The club, which has about 400 members, is currently looking for an alternative venue.

It said it had a long-term plan to move events to Eastports but it needed more time to decide.

A spokesperson for Eastport Mayor Paul Fassler said the city was in discussions with the Government on the future of the Eastports yacht racing, which began in the early 2000s.

“There are a number of things that have changed with the city over the last 20 years and that has made it a more competitive, interesting place to run events,” the spokesperson said.

“It’s not the first time we’ve moved events, but it is one we’re considering.”

As with other events that we’re moving out of the city, there will be costs involved in relocating the event.

We’re trying to get it right.

“Eastport, a former fishing town, is home to some of the country’s biggest surfers, with many members surfing on the world famous Queen Charlotte.

The Eastports sailing club said it wanted to keep the event in Eastports.

The spokesperson said the club would continue to pursue other events, such as the World Surf League championships.

The New Zealand Sport Association said it would continue with its plans to run the East Ports event.

A spokesperson said it was working to find a suitable venue to host the event, which was currently being hosted at the Queen Charlotte Hotel.

There was no further comment from the NZSA. Read more: